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Roland Potter has been designing and programming financial, database and graphical applications for 23 years since gaining a degree in modern mathematics at Surrey University. His experience (in reverse chronological order) is as follows:

Jan Potter is company secretary and deals with most non-technical aspects of the company.

Outside of work our joint interests are environmental and animal welfare issues, live Rock and Blues, finding elusive bargains at car-boot-sales, and (out of necessity) keeping our steeply sloping garden under control.

Jan has been a vegetarian for many years and Roland a vegan since 1981. We are both apalled by the attitude of governments and big business throughout the world to the welfare of our planet and the peoples and creatures we share it with.

We have the honour of hosting a collection of art by Jan's sister the late Beryl Fernandez.
These can be viewed by following this link: Flora Illusions.

We would like to pay tribute to Roland's uncle Canon John Potter, who died recently. He was an true example of a man of the church who used his office to make the world a better place. He died on June 13th after a short illness at the age of 87. Our love and thoughts are with his wife of 58 years, Jill. The following link is the obituary from the Tenby Observer©. .

Woodstock was a long departed canine friend, who's name lives on in our company.

Check the weather in paradise ....